Happy Friday, or as you would say in Chinese, 周五快乐! Tyler here, bringing you the latest in the World of Linguistic. Let’s take a look at what’s new on this fine week in February.

🏷 Articles topics are here!

If you may recall, last week we teased a new feature we had in the works: article topics. Now, you can browse all articles on our platform by topics such as “culture”, “story”, or “politics”! If an article is associated with multiple topics, they’ll appear in the sidebar, right below “Difficulty”.

To filter articles by topic, just select a topic from the brand-new dropdown menu right below the search bar:

Dropdown menu

In the near future, we’ll also be rolling out support for adding topics to your own articles, as well as automatic topic detection using machine learning!

🦥 Lazy-loading & searching of articles

We’ve seen an explosion of growth this few weeks and our number of uploaded articles are now crawling into the hundreds (way to go everyone! 🥳). As a result, we needed a more efficient way of displaying articles in our sidebar. We’re pleased to announce that this week we rolled out support lazy loading support for articles. Now, when browsing the “Discover” tab, we’ll load articles as you scroll to make for a faster, snappier experience.

We’ve also revamped our search to more return more accurate results. Previously, our search feature solely filtered your articles by name and excerpt. Now the entire text body is searched, so you can find what you’re looking for faster.

🔍 The search for the perfect engineer continues…

As previously mentioned last week, we currently have a bunch of exciting stuff in the pipeline we’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks (article topics are just the surface!). We’re also on the search for a third team member to join our team as a founding backend engineer. Working with us, you’ll get to get your hands dirty with the latest tech out there, as well as solve some super interesting problems in the NLP space while doing it! If you or anyone you know are interested, feel free to contact us using the email listed in the linked job description.

Would you look at that, I kept it short and sweet this time – see you next week!