This week we went ahead and made Linguistic even smarter (as if that’s even possible, I know).

Curious to learn more? Me too! Let’s get started 👇🏻

🧠 A new way to test comprehension

Remember how in college or high school, language textbooks would always seem to feature a section, typically after a short story or dialogue, that would ask you questions about what you read using your target language? Perhaps the textbook would even come with a CD, where you would need to navigate to a specific track to listen to those questions instead?

This week, we are bringing this same concept to the world of meta-learning. Now, after reading any article uploaded to Linguistic, you can click “Take quiz & mark as read” to receive a short, auto-generated quiz written in your target language. Once you pass the quiz, the quiz will be marked as officially read! If you get any questions wrong, don’t worry – you can always try again or click back into the article to give it another read.

We plan to develop this feature much more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Auto-quizzes, like Language Genie, are in beta and may not always behave as expected. The feature has been tested extensively for English, but may not always produce quizzes for other languages. We’re currently working on it!

🧞‍♂ Language Genie embraces conversations

As mentioned in our original launch post, Language Genie shipped without a pretty important feature: the ability to answer follow-up questions.

For example, if you asked it, “Could you give an example of how to use 吗?” and after it replied you told it to “give me another one”, it would have no idea what “one” was referring to.

I’m happy to say that we added this feature post-launch almost immediately, so now your Language Genie will always have full context of the current conversation when you chat with it.

🧹 Fixes & improvements

As with every week, we took some time for housecleaning this week as well, including:

We hope this update leaves you all as excited as we are! See you all next week 🎉