We hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! As we are currently entrenched in work regarding a major product update, this week was a little light in terms of what we actually managed to ship 😅

That said… we shipped some pretty important stuff, so let’s get to it!

🔤 Learn one word at a time

Compared to other products you may have seen, our approach in learning how to read text is… a little different.

We strongly believe in allowing our users to not just understand the piecemeal components of a sentence, but to view literal word-by-word breakdowns of sentences (something we just shipped updates to in our last recap). By viewing all of a sentence’s words in a list, you can not only understand what the sentence says but understand its structure as well.

That said, we recognize that is not everyone’s cup of tea ☕

As a result, this week we shipped the ability to toggle between “learn by sentence” and “learn by word”. Now, you can view definitions for individual words without having to view every word in the sentence:

You can switch between modes via the toggle at the top of the screen while reading any article:

This feature is still a work in progress, so if you notice any strange behavior, feel free to email us.

🖍️ Highlight words by difficulty

A much demanded feature since the launch of our private beta has been the ability to highlight words in a document by their difficulty level.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve refreshed our “Vocabulary Breakdown” feature to allow you to do just that!

👀 What’s Next

We know you’re probably itching to know what’s next, so we’ll just say it has to deal with user onboarding 😉 Shh… stay tuned!

That’s it for this week – see you on April 21, 2023, same time, same place.